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ESP is a powerful software application that provides quick and easy
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ESP is a powerful software application that provides quick and easy setup of Microscan’s complete line of bar code scanners and imagers. ESP offers basic and advanced features with a variety of options for different applications.

User-Friendly Interface: ESP features an intuitive user interface designed for maximum functionality. ESP provides three different programming modes to quickly configure your reader: the terminal, tree control and interactive user interface.

EZ Setup in Minutes: ESP’s exclusive EZ Mode enables you to easily capture images or decode symbols within minutes of unpacking your reader.

Fully-Featured Terminal: The terminal offers a powerful environment for testing and troubleshooting. It displays non-printable characters; provides multiple ways of sending serial commands to the reader, including pre-set or user-defined macros; and can save decoded symbol data as a text file.

Convenient Help Menu: ESP has an integrated Help option with a specific menu for each product. The F1 key offers immediate access to ESP’s Help screen.

Main features:
-Dynamic Setup (imagers): Select specific parameters such as image capture time delay.
-Camera View (imagers): Real-time view allows image location, calibration and evaluation.
-Configuration Database (imagers, MS-860): Allows concatenation of configuration profiles and other complex operations.
-Raster Control & Laser Framing (raster-line scanners): Allows easy setup and configuration of rasters, and provides real-time results for storage and analysis.
-Bar Code Dialog (most readers): Allows encoding and printing setup symbols for fast and easy configuration of multiple scanners and imagers without having to use external hardware.

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